Building a Bedroom from Scratch!

If you have ever done a remodel you know how easy it is to forget all that has happened leading up to the final stages of a project. It is a very strange mental block that takes place. Cole may think differently about this than me ; ) I try to be diligent about taking photographs at each stage so that we can go back and see the progress that has been made.

It is easy to think that you are standing still or moving at a snails pace when things are actually progressing really quickly considering all that had do be done… … More Building a Bedroom from Scratch!

The Long Lost Broken Arrow Remodel Photos!

Oh my gosh, so to be completely honest, I have found and lost these photographs on a few occasions. I feel like you deserve a little back story to why these photographs are just seeing the light of day now… … More The Long Lost Broken Arrow Remodel Photos!