Classic Black & White for the Master Bath

With the return of winter I keep dreaming of the day when we will have the heated floors in the bathroom. We carved the master bath out of a portion of the very large master bedroom upstairs and to highlight the pitch in the ceiling, instead of it being a detriment Cole installed a beautiful dark wood bead-board ceiling. The rest of the bathroom walls will be white board and baton so it should look really beautiful when it is completed.

We never want a dark bathroom and because this one does not have any natural light sources we installed an overhead light, one in the shower as well as sconces on either side of the custom-built vanity which will be to the left of the door.

In staying with a classic look for the bathroom we decided on a white marble 12×12 tile with a black marble border that I just love. The black tiles almost look a little worn which adds to the feel of a historic house. Brand new black shinny tiles probably wouldn’t have looked as natural in the space.



Coles’ creative side always comes out when he does tile work and I think the tile “mat” outside of the shower is perfect. We also used the Schluter System in the shower and will be what we use from now on. The water sealing properties and ease of installation makes it a no brainer when tiling a shower.


At this point you have probably notices the orange tile wedges. These are great at leveling out your tile so that all of the edges are level with their neighbor. The clear white piece is installed under the tile and then the wedge is put in to level the tile. It is a great system when installing larger floor tile.


We also installed a niche into the shower wall, we had a “shelf insert”produced by Schluter but decided to just use a piece of marble that we had because it was more streamlined than having to tile over an insert.

Curious about more after pictures of a finished bathroom at one of our previous houses?! check out this BLOG POST! And maybe get a few ideas for your next remodel : )




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