Building a Bedroom from Scratch!

If you have ever done a remodel you know how easy it is to forget all that happened leading up to the final stages of a project. It is a very strange mental block that happens. Cole may think differently about this than me ; ) I try to be diligent about taking photographs at each stage so that we can go back and see the progress that has been made.

It is easy to think that you are standing still or moving at a snail’s pace when things are actually progressing really quickly considering all that had to be done. Looking at the pictures of the progress of the guest bedrooms upstairs really shows that progress!

Initially the upstairs was strangely divided, and after going through multiple different floor plans we ended up with probably the simplest one that we considered. I think it fits the house well because when the house was originally built it probably had a fairly simple layout like the one we chose.



Above are two before pictures of the bedrooms. The tan one was the “middle bedroom” and the white one was the “Lake Bedroom”. As you can see in the pictures below we went all the way to bare bones to create the new layout. We also replaced all the insulation and Cole installed the floor beams and flooring. Make sure to check out this post for more about that process!


When you reach the top of the stairs the bathroom is to your right and the hall leads you to two guest bedrooms facing the lake and the street, with the master bedroom on the back portion of the house above the kitchen downstairs.  The picture above bitterly shows that we had no second story at one point! Maybe we are a little crazy lol!

But back to the bedrooms! The first image you can see the framing for the bedrooms while standing at the top of the stairs looking down the hallway. The first Middle Bedroom doorway is on the left and the Lake Bedroom Door is straight ahead.


Just to get to this point with the framing was a ton of work! Cole installed the flooring and framed all the new walls. In the picture below you can see the framing for the closet and the back of the stairwell drywall.


New insulation was put in on the outside walls and the wall between the bedrooms to act as a sound barrier. Below Cole is installing the drywall on the top half of the Middle bedroom because wood wainscoting will be on the bottom half!



Here you can see the bead-board on the bottom half of the walls. I think it looks so pretty with the whitewash! We try to reuse lots of the old wood that we took out of the house during the demolition phase. In the picture above you can see the blue and pink boards from the two kids bedrooms : )


I love the feel of these two bedrooms. Cole installed and whitewashed the ceiling and joists, and both have warm wood floors that our friend Chad from Reber Rock Draft Wood milled. They are just beautiful and perfect for this house.

Stay tuned for a more detailed post about the installation of the flooring, and how we decided on our paint colors!




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