The Long Lost Broken Arrow Remodel Photos!

At last I am so happy to be finding the time to post these never before seen photographs of our Broken Arrow House Restoration! Yay!

When Cole and I decided to sell the house and more back to New York after 5+ years in Oklahoma we made the move in less than 45 days. Which was a little bit nutty on our end!

When Cole and I sold the second house we had restored in Oklahoma, that we lovingly refer to as the “Broken Arrow House”, named after the town it was in. Ugh, I know so original! If you have a name for our current house instead of the oh so bland “Essex House”, I would LOVE to hear it!

But back to the story! We sold the house, actioned off 95% of our belongings, Cole drove his truck to NY, came back for my car and the dogs, and we moved back to NY within less than 45 days of selling our home. Just reliving that story still gives me anxiety!

But we did it! The one thing that may have been neglected was properly posting the final photographs of the house that I took. Long story short, I knew that the images were on a flash drive that I had safely tucked away, but am just now bringing them back into the light.

I hope you enjoy looking at them and just know that this house was awful when we bought (more before pictures can be seen here). If you have any thoughts or questions about this house we love to hear from you! Please shoot us an email of comment below : )



DSC_9126_Owasso_RemodelDSC_9040_Owasso_RemodelDSC_9043_Owasso_RemodelDSC_9072_Owasso_RemodelDSC_7563Broken Arrow House RestorationBroken Arrow House RestorationBroken Arrow House Restoration

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Stay tuned for our next post!

Here’s to measuring twice and (fingers crossed) cutting once : )

Julia and Cole

4 thoughts on “The Long Lost Broken Arrow Remodel Photos!

  1. So beautiful and so much hard work!! Must have been awfully hard to leave it. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy pics and updates. Donna S


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