Welcome Winter… now that we have siding ; )

Wowza! I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already flown by, faster than a fat little turkey, and Christmas is staring us in the face! I love this time of year, and dream about decorating our house for Christmas next year in all the sparkle, pine boughs, and snowman I can find.

We were hoping to be into the house at this point but with a historic house restoration flexibility is key and there are still a few projects we want to be completed before the big move. Cole has been working round the clock finishing the plumbing, installing Roxul Insulation, putting up the last of the framing, and hanging drywall. I screwed in some light bulbs today…. lol. But I am writing this blog post so I think that counts as helping ; )

One of the BIG projects that was hanging over us before the snow started to come down was the last of the siding. But it wasn’t just siding that Cole installed; he made custom trim for the corners of the house, the water table, and window trim just to name of a few of the projects that had to happen before the siding went up! Our friend Liam was clutch in lending a hand of a few days this fall.

Check out the pictures below and now that it gets dark at 4:00, stay tuned for many more posts this winter!



I hope you enjoyed a few bonus drywall pictures too! Stay tuned for the next post of “The Long Lost Broken Arrow House Remodel Pictures”… yay!

Here’s to measuring twice and (fingers crossed) cutting once : )

Julia and Cole




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