Floors Brought Back to Beauty

Over the past few months we have done a bunch of posts about the ceilings in the house, but have somewhat ignored the floors until now!

In the beginning of the renovation we spent weeks digging out the crawl space and rebuilding the floor in the back portion of the house, plus adding supports to the front portion. In the process of restoring the house we have removed layers and layers of old flooring. We had lost hope of recovering any portion of the original wood flooring in the house, but the very last layer we uncovered was the homes original hardwood floors! Yay!

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The upstairs bedrooms had the largest portion of reusable flooring but we also uncovered some in the downstairs.


In the upper left corner you can see the layers and layers of flooring, but the last layer was hardwoods in the downstairs kitchen.
The boards upstairs had large gaps and could not be left as it.
Before photo of living room

Cole painstakingly took the time to remove the hardwood floor boards so that we would be able to reuse them another section of the house. After stacking and moving them around multiple times we decided we should just install them. After looking at a few options we are so excited to have just enough boards to reuse them in the living room.

Lets just put it out there though that repurposing 100 year old tongue and groove flooring is not a walk in the park. Cole has spent twice as much time cleaning and scraping the boards than actually installing them. Once the boards are in though they look like they have always been which is just what we wanted.

In progress living room!


The boards are currently painted a steel blue color. After sanding and filling nail holes we will probably paint them a similar color once we are little further along in the renovations. Stay tuned to see our next post featuring the bathroom flooring!

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