“Stone Wool” – What?!

Cole always loves finding new and better products that make for a better house and his life a little easier during the renovation. One new product that Cole was told about is a type of insulation. We went through every option for this house and finally decided on a mixture of two different types. After looking into open and closed cell spray in insulation we decided that as much as we would like to do that type it was just a bit cost prohibitive for this house.

We then discovered ROXUL! Some of the great perks of this product are that it is water resistant, it maintains it’s R-value, it is fire resistant and ROXUL will┬ánot rot or corrode. These are all amazing qualities! After installing ROXUL into a few walls we found that it is really easy to work with as well which is great when you have a whole house to insulate. Cole cuts it with this fancy saw, but I bet you could get away with cutting it with a bread knife!

At this point in out plan we plan to use blow in insulation in the attic spaces, which will enable us to get a very high R-value in the attics with still having enough space for air flow and attic ventilation.




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