Dirt, Grass and some Hay

Grass and hay might not seem very exciting unless you are a farm animal or have had dirt as a yard for 6 months… so we are very excited! We had about 70% of the yard regraded this summer and finally got some grass planted this fall. Cole also uncovered some natural steps in the bedrock leading down to the back door. We are pretty excited to see what it will look like in the spring once the grass grows in.


After restoring the front door seen in this previous post. We are so excited that we finally have it installed! The front of the house looks so different compared to what it looked like before.20150704-DSC_2563-2



Since the front looks so fancy now we had to get the back up to par. We haven’t restored the back door yet, but we love how it looks with the overhand that Cole put up.



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