New Roof is On

With the snow rolling in and the passing of Thanksgiving we wanted to give everyone an update on what we have been up to the past few months! From the start this house has been a major undertaking for us both, but we feel like we are finally turning a corner with the first piece of drywall going up this week and a new roof going on this summer.

One big project we wanted to complete this summer was the new roof. The first step was removing the old shingles and tar paper. We also had to rebuild the eaves on the front and side of the house. Big thanks to Cloudsplitter Carpentry for your great work on the roof, and getting it on before the snow!



We also have decided on the paint scheme for the outside of the house. The main portions of the house will be white, with dark blue trim details. We have used a blue similar to this color and really loved it. Like always though what was mixed wasn’t quite what we had in mind so we did a little mixing of our own to darken it.

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