Sunrise Porch

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” – Bernard Williams –

The quant village of Essex lies on the coast of Lake Champlain, and if you stroll through town looking at the architecture of the houses you will notice a motif that adorns many of the homes. Whether it be on the porch, or the house itself you will find a sunrise illuminating many of the homes. I do not know who started this but I believe many of the sunrises are as old as the town itself. Sadly our house was lacking this beautiful design detail when we purchased it. The house also had an unsafe front entrance. Over time the large stones leading up to the house had sunk into the ground and the stair to the front door was quite rickety. To remedy these two issue we decided to add a beautiful front porch with the much loved sunrise.


In designing the porch Cole made sure that if you where seeing the house for the first time that you would believe the porch had always been there. Ensuring that the scale and character of the porch matched the time period. Because the front entrance did not have any type of protection from the elements there was also wood rot that needed to be addressed immediately.


This image shows how cole had to rebuild the sill plate below the door and sidelights because it was about to cave in due to all of the weather damage. He also built the paneling and trim around the sidelight. There is also snow in this picture from the freak storm we had on April 26th!

Ipe Deck Boards


We also repositioned all of the stones for the walkway leading up to the house with the help of John Pribble Excavation.


Custom Paint color for old/new door!

I am extremely picking about paint colors. We had used a very similar midnight teal blue in our previous home (see here). I loved this color and we decided to use it as our accent color for the outside details included the front door and sunburst motif. Huge thank you to Heritage Properties for giving us such an awesome door for the front of our house!

Porch_Addition-4593And thankfully the snow melted and we are having a beautiful spring here in Essex!

One thought on “Sunrise Porch

  1. Turned out looking great! As a side point like the work table and temporary tool storage wall; adds to efficiency in the project.


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