Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. -Confucius

One of the big decisions we had to make with this house was what to do about the windows. The house features old, inefficient wood windows which are not original to the home. Our decision is such: do we go with historic and old, but true to the character of the home; or do we go with a new and more efficient replacement? We decided to go with old and historic. We had four of the original windows and we just loved the look that they gave to the house. The original windows were “2 over 2”, which describes the division of the panes of glass. We know these are original to the house because of the limitations of the production size of glass when our home was built. Although the older replacement windows appear as though they could be as old as the house, they are “1 over 1”, a layout that was not produced until later times. We were given matching windows by a good friend who salvages them from older homes. They just need a little love to return them to their original beauty.


Cole first went about removing the old glaze with a heat gun and chisel. Then the panes of glass were carefully removed.The glass will go back in and new glazing will be added once the windows have been repared and repainted.

The next step is was to strip the paint that was old and flaking of. We used this “Goof Off” striper, and it seemed to do the trick. We applied it with a paint brush, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrapped it while it was still damp. Make sure to where eye protectant and gloves. We also waited for a nice day so we could do this outside and not in an enclosed area.

We were also given this beautiful old door. It is great shape besides the paint that needed to be removed.


In addition to chemical striping we also used a “paint eater” wheel for our grinder that removed a lot of the big pieces of paint. Once we started working through the layers of paint, we were able to really see some of the detailed woodwork that was lost in all of the build-up.


We are pretty excited about using this great door in the front of the house, to really bring back some of the character of the house.


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