WALLey World

“I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me…” – Donald Trump –

Cole took on another small side job, this time partnering with fellow Essex entrepreneurs: Deb and Fred at the Pink Pig Cafe. The two wanted to create a new feel and better flow to their dining and prep areas, so we are working with them to make some adjustments to their current layout. The first aspect of the new design involved creating a partition wall differentiating their work zone from the dining area. Cole was able to acquire some great pieces of cedar from a neighbor who has a saw-mill. One piece was particularly stunning, as it featured a partial live edge and interesting grain patterns. The design of the wall centered around this feature piece.


Cole hand-scraped, planed and sanded the cedar and finished it off with Teak oil. The cedar was fixed to the internal framing prior to the addition of the panels, leaving no fasteners exposed in the final piece. The walls themselves are tongue-and grove white pine. The side facing the prep area features the v-groove side finished with a Valspar’s satin exterior in “midnight blue.” The side facing the dining area features the edge/center bead side finished with the same paint, white-washed, sanded, waxed and oiled to achieve a unique antique finish.


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