A Shell of a Bathroom

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings” – Salvador Dali –

The past few days have been so warm we have had a number of friends stop by to see our project. They come in and their eyes look like they have seen a monster. I prefer to think of it as the beast. The enormity of this project is sometimes over whelming but Cole always seems to be able to take it one step at a time. It is amazing to be able to see big picture vision but also be able to pick out finish details like faucets while we are eating lunch. But back to what this post is about…

To get rolling after finishing a clients bathroom, Cole has started reframing the upstairs guest bathroom. Our goal is to have it finished by May. This bathroom is stacked above the downstairs bath which was a logical place for the bathroom not only for space reasons but also for the plumbing.

Here is a sneak peak of what is happening next to the bathroom space. This will be divided into two bedrooms that will actually use this bathroom.


We changed design plans mid process with this space. The general idea of the leaving the exposed beams stayed the same but instead of painting the bead board like the living room ceiling we decided to go with a stain. The bathroom has two large windows and will feel really bright with the other finishes we are planning. A rich dark ceiling will stand out beautifully.

The fun part of staining is picking the color. We decided to do a combination of two different stains. We love the red hue in the “Red Mahogany” but it wasn’t quite dark enough so we mixed it with “Dark Walnut”.  Mixing stains is a great way to get the exact color you want. Before staining the pine headboard wet it down with water to make the stain a more consistent color.

We also washed and stained the joists to bring out their natural beauty. If you don’t stain the joists they tend to look dull and dirty, so if you plan on exposing beams in you own home consider staining them to even out the color. You can see in the photo the joist at the top of the image has not been cleaned or stainted while the back ones have.



We love how it turned out. Is is totally different feel than if we had done white but I think it will really pull the look of the bathroom together. Let us know that you think below!

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