With you, we share…

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

-Aristotle   –


With you, we share both our bitter learning process and our sweet outcomes. We thought it appropriate, before we dive too far into blogging away our entire remodel, to reserve some space to detail the philosophy of “Measuring Twice.” The namesake, only part of the age-old adage: measure twice, cut once; embodies so much of what we have gleamed from our journey to this stage. (Also the title of one of many great books we refer to: “Measure Twice, Cut Once: Lessons from a Master Carpenter” by Norm Abrams).

Key to Our First House

Our journey to our third, and largest scale, remodel has been tumultuous; to say the least. When we received the keys to our first home, a short three years ago, we dove deep into the abyss of mistakes, miscalculations and misinterpretations only to swim out all the more informed, hardened and well adapted to change and personal growth. This is not to say that we were completely prepared for the second; but we were better equipped  and carried with us the mindset that you can’t have success without failure and you can’t have growth without setbacks. Surely, having persisted and prospered through overwhelming challenges, not once, but twice; we must now be remodeling guru’s who want to divulge what makes us so great, right? Wrong, “Measuring Twice” is our sounding board of ideas and a forum to present our processes. We do not intend to scribe a “how to,” rather we will be using this as a “how we.”


Broken Arrow House Restoration
Broken Arrow House Restoration

There have been countless junctures at which we arrived without any direction. It was in these times we realized one of our greatest strengths: humility. Pride is dangerous characteristic in the vast, ever-changing world of home remodeling. By truly accepting the limits of our weave in the sea of fabric of knowledge, we were able to recognize and appreciate the resources that surround us. The ears of contractors whom we worked with still ring from our battery of questions, paper companies have stayed in business keeping up with our diagrams drawn, and publishers have sent their kids to college selling us trade publications. In addition we have filtered through countless youtube videos and HGTV shows and, of course, many remodeling blogs and forums.


Through this website you are sure to find the good and the bad of remodeling a home that is nearly 200 years old. We hope that you continue to follow us through our journey.


4 thoughts on “With you, we share…

  1. Julia, I am loving your prose. I am also loving the character that you and Cole are exhibiting and growing into through the journey of your projects. George Nakashima’s book “Soul Of A Tree” comes to mind when reading and following the three projects the two of you have undertaken.


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