Demolition for Days

And so the demolition begins. We started in on this house thinking we would remove the wood paneling, replace the flooring, new electric, new plumbing; basic ups dates that a house built in 1860, and remodeled in the 70’s would require. Within about a week however, we realized that this was going to be a more expansive remodel. Cole uncovered structural issues to deal with in the kitchen and bathroom areas and overall shoring up that needed to take place.

I am not sure we had ever seen this much wood paneling in a house, and felt that it did not fit the look we want to achieve with this project… so it had to go. We eventually invested in a dumpster, which was probably one of our better investments. We looked into large national brands online but they had so many added costs, it ended up being way more than we wanted to spend. After taking a few trips to the local landfill with debris, we inquired if they had any dumpsters. They did! Renting one from the local landfill was a much cheaper option for us. If you need a dumpster I would recommend looking into your local landfill. So far we have taken out about 15 tons of debris and still have a bit more drywall and insulation that needs to go.

As we started to peel away layers we found cool things… like the old hand hewn beams in the ceiling. There were also not such cool things… like wasp nests in the ceiling as big as my head.

We were able to find a new home for the kitchen cabinets and plan to reuse a majority of the lumber that we had to take down. These photos are early stages but show the potential in this house and the chaos that goes along with demo.

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