Measuring Twice – Our First Post

The launch of a blog is probably more intimidating for Cole and I than buying our first house three years ago…  but with the support of awesome friends and family we accomplished the goal of restoring and selling two houses. We are now diving head first into our third restoration project. With all the support and encouragement we have received we wanted to share the process, ups and downs, and dreams of restoring this house. We previously used Facebook for this purpose; however, I wanted to be able to go more in-depth in our explanations of projects and ideas. Thus we have the Measure Twice Blog! Maybe in my next post I will explain the name, but for now I hope we can inspire you to get your hands dirty and start a project of your own : )

4 thoughts on “Measuring Twice – Our First Post

  1. Since I grew up in that house, I find the process and changes you are making fascinating. I look forward to watching your progress.


    1. Donna: It was such a an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to meet your Mother and family during our purchase of the house. This is not our first remodel; however, it is the first time we have had any connection with previous owners. It was so fascinating to hear your Mother’s stories of the home’s history and her experiences therein. We hope you all enjoy following along as we progress through the project, but as we have been told by many in Essex: this will always be the Demar house!


      1. I expect great things for that old house and I”m confident you will deliver. After seeing your most recent blog, I am amazed that the house never came down around our heads!


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